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Flavorful and Nutritious

Vegans do not subscribe to unhealthy eating. However, at times, they may need a little more carbohydrates or energy than their diet provides. That’s where dried fruits come into the picture. Dried fruits are rich in nutrients as they become more condensed through the dehydration process. Therefore, they are not only more flavorful, they also have a higher concentration of vitamins and phytochemicals, all essential for optimum health. Including dried fruits in a vegan diet then just makes solid sense as they add flavor as well as maximum nutrition.

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Five to Nine Servings for Good Health

Everyone should get into the habit of eating 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for optimum health and to reduce their chance for contracting illness and disease. Fortunately, this possibility can be easily obtained if you include fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dried fruits and frozen veggies in your meal planning.

The Power of Dried Fruits: How they Can Be Included in your Daily Menu Planning PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail

Include Dry Fruits in your Menu

Dried fruits provide immediate nutrition and energy. Those fruits, such as apricots, nectarines and peaches, also provide you with a rich source of beta-carotene. This antioxidant is helpful in safeguarding your vision as well as providing protection from the harmful effects of free radicals. Typically, dried fruits supply more nutritional value as the vitamins and mineral content is intensified when the fruit is dehydrated. Low in fat and high in carbs and vitamins, all dried fruits should be included in your daily menu planning.

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Optimum Supplementation during Pregnancy

For pregnant women, dried fruits are nutritious alternatives to sweets. Instead of reaching for cookies or baked goods, it’s better advised to eat dried fruit as it’s not only sweet but nutritious too. In addition, dried fruits have a higher fiber content than their natural counterparts, which helps in preventing the digestive disturbances that can occur during pregnancy. Dried fruits are good sources of vitamins A and C and antioxidants as well. Antioxidants are needed to keep the immune system functioning and healthy. Without sufficient antioxidation, a woman is much more susceptible to fatigue, illness and problems, such as water retention.

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Add Dried Fruits to Salads and Other Fare

Want to add more interest to a regular green or pasta salad? Or, would you like to add some texture to fruit compote? Then try including some dried fruit into the recipe. Dried fruit is a healthful and nutritious alternative to fresh fruit and is an excellent substitute for foods that carry only empty calories and little in the way of nutrition. So, instead of eating ice cream with caramel topping, choose, instead, to eat yogurt with dried black cherries.

You Can Help your Kids Eat more Healthily by Including Dried Fruit and Natural Fruit Products in their Diet PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail

Supplement your Kids’ Diet with Dried Fruits and Natural Fruit Preserves, Jams, and Canned Fruits

Kids can be fussy when it comes to eating and, as result, can be a source of frustration when you are trying to supplement their diets with more nutritional offerings. You can’t blame them as advertisements abound that tempt them to eat sugar-coated and flavored cereals as well as chips and candies. Fortunately, you can include more nutritional, tasty foods in their diet with dried fruits and natural fruit preserves, jams and canned fruits.

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Eating more Nutritionally

What if someone told you that if you ate a certain food it would give you more energy, reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease and make you appear and feel younger than your actual years? Of course, you’d want to know more details. If you are someone who enjoys eating but wants to follow a more nutritional path, then you need not look any further than adding more fruits to your diet plan. You can make sure you are maintaining your nutritional needs to by including fresh as well as dried fruits in your daily menu.