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Eating more Nutritionally

What if someone told you that if you ate a certain food it would give you more energy, reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease and make you appear and feel younger than your actual years? Of course, you’d want to know more details. If you are someone who enjoys eating but wants to follow a more nutritional path, then you need not look any further than adding more fruits to your diet plan. You can make sure you are maintaining your nutritional needs to by including fresh as well as dried fruits in your daily menu.


Positive Weight Loss

Studies indicate that for people to successfully lose weight, they must be encouraged to eat foods that are nutritious and satisfying rather than be told to limit what they eat. Choosing to include fresh fruit, dried fruits, fruit leathers and canned fruits in your diet will ensure that you are getting sufficient nutrition while losing or maintaining weight healthily.

Foods to Avoid

You really don’t have to worry about calories if you have a diet that consists of nutritionally rich roods versus foods that are loaded with empty calories. Avoid the following foods, then, in order to lose weight: white breads, sugar, chips, soda and processed foods that use chemical preservatives.

Foods to Include

Learning to eat more healthily includes eating the recommended daily requirement of fruits and vegetables (5 to 9 servings). This can be easily accomplished if you choose to eat dried and fresh fruits as well as fresh and frozen vegetables. Losing weight also entails including such foods as lean meats, low-fat dairy, legumes, skinless chicken and turkey, and breads and pastas made of whole grains.

A Nutritional Eating Plan Plus Exercise Equals Better Health

Exercise is an important component of the equation as well if you want to look your best. Simply by incorporating a daily 30-minute walk in your daily schedule will help you see results in your weight loss efforts. Fruits and vegetables too are primary sources of nutrition to include in healthy diet and weight loss plan. Make sure that they are added to snacks and menus throughout the day.

Choose Dried Fruits and Natural Jams

For example, you might want to include dried nectarines in a fruit lunch salad or fruit compote of grapes and apple slices. Or, spread natural strawberry jam on whole grain toast for breakfast.


Set some Guidelines

Just make it a point not to have too much of a good thing. Even those who eat healthily must watch how much they consume. Make it a rule not to go back for seconds. Eat fresh fruits, dried fruits or veggies to satisfy your appetite so you are not as easily tempted to eat more than what you need. By adding more healthy foods to menus, you can be assured that you can stay on track with regards to any weight loss or maintenance diet. Therefore, se t some guidelines for yourself with respect to portion control:

  • Don’t go back for a second helping; and
  • Always pay attention to the amount you eat

Fruit Leathers Provide a Quick Boost of Energy

In addition, it’s important to keep hydrated too. Therefore, it’s essential to drink plenty of water. For instance, add to your required servings of fruit by combining, for instance, an apricot fruit leather with ice and water in a blender. The fruit beverage makes a great after-exercise drink.

A Must-have Form of Nutrition

Fresh or dried fruit is low in sodium, high in fiber and packed full of nutrition. It’s a must-have food to include in any weight loss or maintenance diet plan.

*Note: Fruitrade’s natural strawberry jam is an excellent fruit choice for spreading on your toast or bagel at breakfast.