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Add Dried Fruits to Salads and Other Fare

Want to add more interest to a regular green or pasta salad? Or, would you like to add some texture to fruit compote? Then try including some dried fruit into the recipe. Dried fruit is a healthful and nutritious alternative to fresh fruit and is an excellent substitute for foods that carry only empty calories and little in the way of nutrition. So, instead of eating ice cream with caramel topping, choose, instead, to eat yogurt with dried black cherries.


An Excellent Topping

Spruce up any green or fruit salad then with dried yellow cherries or enhance the taste of a salsa with dried nectarines. Or, maybe add some sun-dried tomatoes to a pasta salad. Dried fruit is an excellent topping as it is rich in nutrition and taste.

Dried Fruits also have a Richer Taste

Because they lose much of their water when they are dehydrated, fruits that are dried are more condensed with respect to taste and nutritional content. Therefore, dried fruit is not only more flavorful than regular fruit, its nutrients are significantly more concentrated as well. As a result, dried fruit is the natural choice for topping salads and sandwiches and enhances the taste of sauces, glazes, marinades and salsas.

A Nutritional Advantage

Adding dried fruit as toppings provides a nutritional advantage with respect to one’s daily health and serving requirements for fruits and vegetables. This goal can easily be accomplished if you incorporate dried fruit products in your menu planning.

Dried Fruit is a Good Substitute for Rich Dessert Toppings

For example, when you are making pancakes or muffins, add dried peaches or black sweet/semi-sweet plums to the mix. You can also cut down on calories and heighten the taste of any dessert, such as ice cream, by using dried fruit instead of whipped cream or chocolate sauce. Include such dried fruits as apricots, black cherries, peaches or nectarines.

Nice Complements

Dried fruits and sauces can also be added to main dishes, such as soups, spaghetti sauces or slaws. Include sun-dried tomatoes, peaches, red sour plums or yellow cherries. Or, if you are hungry for an afternoon snack, select a mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit in yogurt or a slice of cheese with some dried fruit. Dried fruits, such as apricots and peaches, are tasty boosts of energy when included in a trail mix while dried fruits, such as plums, black cherries, yellow cherries or sun-dried tomatoes, are nice complements with cheese.

Give Green Salads a Little more Color and Zing

As mentioned, dried fruits are a nice edible garnish for salads too. If you find it hard to eat a salad every day, you won’t find it too difficult if you include some dried fruit on your salad as a topping. Become inventive – give any green salad a little more color and zing by using such dried fruit selections as nectarines, peaches, or sun-dried tomatoes.

Start Eating Better Today

You can enhance any salad, snack or entrée by not only including dried fruit but also adding natural fruit preserves, jams, sauces or canned fruits. Fruit, needless to say, is the perfect choice for health and energy.

*Note: Fruitrade offers sun-dried tomatoes that are perfect fixings for sandwiches, pizzas and salads.