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Flavorful and Nutritious

Vegans do not subscribe to unhealthy eating. However, at times, they may need a little more carbohydrates or energy than their diet provides. That’s where dried fruits come into the picture. Dried fruits are rich in nutrients as they become more condensed through the dehydration process. Therefore, they are not only more flavorful, they also have a higher concentration of vitamins and phytochemicals, all essential for optimum health. Including dried fruits in a vegan diet then just makes solid sense as they add flavor as well as maximum nutrition.


A Healthful Snack Idea

For example, you may want to add dried fruits, such as nectarines or peaches, to breakfast cereal or trail mix. Include sun-dried tomatoes on meatless pizza, pasta salad or whole grain vegetable sandwiches. Eat dried apricots with sesame seeds for a snack.

Added Energy and Nutrition

All dried fruits are chock full of phytonutrients or antioxidants. However, the color of the fruit often determines the kinds of nutrients that are included. For example, the deeper the yellow, the more vitamin A the fruit will contain. Therefore, you’ll find plenty in the way of this vitamin in fruits such as nectarines, peaches or apricots. While the mentioned fruits are premium sources of the vitamin, you can still get a sufficient quantity if you eat more servings of another fruit or vegetable. Nevertheless, dried fruits, because their nutrient content is so condensed, are definitely essential in any vegan diet.

Dried Fruit Makes up for Any Dietary Deficiency or Depletion

Many times, when you cook vegetables, you can take away certain vital nutrients. When vegetables are overcooked, the possibility is even stronger. Therefore, dried fruits make up for the depletion. One cannot live by vegetables alone without experiencing some type of anemia. Dried fruit, then, can make up for some of the nutrients lacking in a vegan diet. It provides the needed energy without the added fat.

Eating Raw Foods – A Type of Vegan Eating Plan

Sometimes, you can liken vegan eating to a raw food diet, where three-quarters of the food consumed is eaten raw. Dried fruit is an important part of this kind of diet plan. Proponents of this kind of menu note that they feel much more energetic, lose weight, have better digestion and improved-looking skin.

Recommended Raw Foods

Such a diet is low in sodium and high in phytochemicals, both which can be attributed to eating dried fruit. The diet allows no processed-type foods but, instead, recommends that individuals maintain a diet that includes fruits and vegetables, of course, as well as seeds, nuts, beans, legumes, seafood, grains, organic fruit and vegetable juices and water

A Healthier Plan

When you combine dried fruit with vegetables, you not only gain more energy, you strengthen your immune system and keep your body cleansed and free of outside impurities, such as pollutants, radiation and smoke. Dried fruit and vegetables are nice complements to one another then with respect to taste and nutrition. Therefore, a vegan diet is just that much healthier when dried fruits are included in the plan.

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