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Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is our signature jam, famous for the full pieces of strawberries that can be enjoyed on a piece of bread or inside a cup of yogurt! Eating strawberry jams with no preservatives can provide you with a healthy carbohydrate for energy as well as vitamin C. It is easy to use in snacks when you need a healthy pick me up, or for breakfast. Strawberry jam makes a great addition to recipes of all kinds to diversify your diet and add sweetness without refined sugar.

Strawberry Jam is Fruitrade's signature jam that contains whole pieces of strawberries while maintaining a spreadable texture

that can easily be applied on bread or added in yogurt and oatmeal. Also easy to use in muffins and cup cake's recipes.

Use as a cheese condiment for goat milk's cheeses such as Greek Feta or Caprino

Cheese Pairing: Greek Feta or Caprino

Food Pairing: Muffins and other breakfast bread products.