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Our dried fruits are a result of carefully selected, naturally ripened fresh fruits, grown by local farmers in Greece.

The selected fruits are then washed, cut and placed on wooden trays to dry naturally under the strong Greek Sun during the summer.

The fruits are also placed in sulfur rooms for the color preservation and bakteria prevention. The levels of sulfur used are far below the

legally imposed limit by the EU on dried fruit products.

The Jams, Preserves and Sauces have NO preservatives and are made with traditional recipes that have passed from generation to generation.

They come in sizes of half or one kilo. Our sauces include the innovative paprika sauce and outstanding tomato sauce. Paprika sauces is available is spicy and non spicy tastes and the tomato sauce comes only mashed and without any seeds.


Our Fruit Leathers are unique to the Greek Market; They come in plum, apricot and cranberry-plum tastes and are made only with natural ingredients.

It is a great nutritional supplment that helps the natural digestion cycle.

They are very common to the Egyptian and middle East markets under the name : Amaredin.